Associate Member Responsibilities




  1. Financial Commitment:

     a. Initial start-up cost: $150.00 [paid the first month or across initial months, in addition to the $55 monthly rent]

     b. Monthly fee of $55 due the 25th of each subsequent month

     c. Sign Strolling Village Artisans Contract

     d. All new associate members pay start-up costs

     e. Associate Members pay 15% of all sales; to be reviewed every three months

     f. Strolling Village Artisans collects and pays all sales tax for shop and gallery sales.

2. Staffing / Meeting Commitment:

     a. Must commit time to staff shop weekly

     b. Responsible for finding substitute if cannot keep scheduled time

     c. Attend quarterly meetings

     d. Attend First Friday Events

3. Inventory:

     a. Responsible for keeping own inventory


4. Gallery / Workshop:

     a. Can hold workshops in back room; no commission on classes held in the workshop back to The Co-op

     b. Invitation to participate in Annual Members’ Show, 10% commission on work sold from Members’ Show back to The Co-op

     c. 15% discount on classes and workshops offered at The Co-op.

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